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Thursday, April 19, 2018

100 Day Project Days 8-17

I decided I would just collage some of these days' 15 minute pieces.  Here is a collage of Days 8-17, ending with today's Gardenia tile.  I am working through some stepouts for flowers that are really inspirational and helping me with my botanic sketching.  So on this collage, you will see the Protea, Daffodil and Gardenia.

Monday, April 9, 2018

#100 Days Project

I signed up for the #100 Days Project.  Create art for 15 minutes a day - every day for 100 days.  So I set a timer, work for 15 minutes and post it.  I thought about starting a large project and just adding to it each day, but felt that would be stressful as I would want to work on it otherwise.  So I am  leaving myself open - I will either create one piece, or maybe work on one for a couple of days.  For instance, Day 1 was a practice piece for a Diva Challenge tile.  Day 2 are entries in my organic/botanic journal of patterns.  Day 3 and Day 4 were works from lessons I am doing in two different art books for organic/botanical art.  Days 5, 6 and 7 are a collaborative work - I stopped each day at 15 minutes until I finished the last day.  So this is probably the way I will continue to work.  No specific path. I started with #100Daysof Zentangle, but I don't want to limit myself as I am doing some practicing with botanical work and want to include that.  So my work is labeled #100DaysProject on Instagram and #100Dayspmatks.  If I do a Zentangle piece, I will also label it #100DaysofZentangle.

Here is my first Week
Day 1 - April 3

Day 2 - April4  

Day 3 - April 5

Day 4 - April 6

Day 5 - April 7

Day 6 - April 8

Day 7 - April 9

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Diva Challenge 358, etc.

Diva Challenge 358 is a UMT (Use My Tangle) challenge - and the pattern is Pickpocket by Tomas Pedros.  I "found" Tomas some months back on Instagram, before he started showing up in Facebook.  His patterns intrigued me and I was a bit fascinated.  Most of them take a bit more focus than I usually give a pattern, but the outcomes are pretty great.  Pickpocket would have been much easier as a monotangle, but I couldn't do easy.  Not sure where I was going with this one but decided to stop before I made a mess.

On another note, I finished my first reference Organic/Botanic Journal (and actually started the second one).  This journal is dedicated to patterning that I like that has an organic feel and can be used as a bloom, vine, stem, leaf or fill in a ZIA dedicated to openness.  I enter patterns that I like from various sites, and if I like a pattern/design that I see someone using, I will make my own drawing of it.  And I always make note of whose pattern/design it is so I can give credit if I use it in a piece that I post.  Sometimes I will draw something that someone has done, just for my own purposes or studying linework or contrast or composition - that goes on the left side of the book and is not posted anywhere.  It is just my way of studying a design.  Or I might take one of the patterns and do a piece on it - that goes on the left side.  It is not in any kind of order - I will admit that I have a cheat sheet that has all of the patterns listed and the category that I placed in the front of the journal.  So I have 228 patterns in one place that I like and that have potential for the type of art I love to create.  I also use it as a repository for the organic pieces I do create, so everything is all in one place.

I also did a Mendhi style drawing for a challenge in one of the Facebook groups - the challenge was to use the Mendhi bloom and the swirl feather quilting pattern.  I used a background that was really too dark, and tried to lighten it up in places with the white embellishments.
Last, but not least, a swap.  Elaine Sampson sent me a tile using Verve and Sand Swirl.  I was to finish it using Fleavy, Gems, Tipple or Bubbles.  I almost forgot to take a before picture so you can see the start of one of my gems.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Diva Challenge 357

This week's challenge is a monotangle - Paradox.  There are so many ways to use Paradox, depending on where you start and the shape you use.  I chose to use one of my watercolor backgrounds.  This one was created dropping blobs of watercolor on a dry paper and blowing the watercolor with a straw.  This creates some really great backgrounds - and I love working with them.  I didn't take a picture of what I started with, but the other half of the piece is pictured below so you can see what I start with.  I started picking spots for the paradox and then afterwards creating weighted lines and rounding to give it dimension.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Diva Challenge 356

What's in a Name??  Use your name as a string.  Simple, huh?  Not!  So I tweaked it a bit and made my name outstanding!!  It rests on top of everything.
This also took me back to using basic Zentangle patterns.  I have been doing so much botanical and linework art lately, I needed the refocus.


Celebrate the little things!!  Well, not so little to me - I love Spring.  I post this tongue in cheek for those in the northeast suffering through yet another nor'easter, and then there are those approaching fall instead of spring.  But I celebrate the arrival of Spring.

I Need More Air!!

The latest challenge I took part in was fun.  First, you blob a wet brush filled with watercolor on dry paper.  Then you take a straw and blow the watercolor.  You add more blobs and use the straw to blow it around.  Then you tangle.  What possibilities there are in this!!  And it was a lot of fun.