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Monday, December 11, 2017

Diva Challenge 345

I wanted to take the time to participate in the last challenge of 2017 which is to create a holiday tile or zendala.  Not only does this fit the bill for the Diva Challenge, but I can post it in my facebook groups to wish everyone a happy holiday season.  I used Lila Holter's pattern Hollydays, and turned it into a poinsettia/holly zendala.  I used a technique learned in Sharla Hick's retreat, of pen shading.  But I kind of made it my own by combining it with some polychromo color added to it.  I also wanted to experiment with some gradient shading on the edges because I want to use this method to finlize an Opus tile I am working on.  Anyway, my end result - my wish to everyone for a very Happy Holiday Season full of family, friendship and love.

Friday, December 8, 2017


I had a prompt I was following:
"Just as the sun rose over the landscape, shards of yellow penetrated the deep blue water to reveal life beneath the sea. Tentacles of deep green seaweed danced to the music of the current. In the deepest depths of the water, life was awakened with the bright morning sun. Creatures of the sea revealed their secrets"
This is what I came up with. I used an Alcohol Ink background I created in 2016 I made a copy of it on watercolor paper and then started letting the background speak with patterns. This is part of what we learned at the retreat with Sharla Hicks, letting the patterns in the background rule the piece.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Retreat work

I only completely finished one piece while at the retreat in Wisconsin with Sharla Hicks.  It is my "Don't Stop at Ugly and I think I might frame it with those words lettered on it because it really was my ugly and she showed me how to fix it and continue on.  Had I been at home - I would have stopped, frustrated, and probably tossed it.  Instead, here is the finished piece.

While at CZT Karen Sandoval's house after the retreat, I finished my pen shading practice piece - it now has the proud name of "Black Rose" as that is what Sharla indicated that was her take on it.

November is almost over!!

I have had a busy month.  I spen  first week of the month in Dallas with my son and his family and went to the Nascar race at Texas Speedway.  Had a wonderful time.  Flew home for one day and packed for a retreat in Wisconsin with Artist Sharla Hicks - her Dancing With Petals and Leaves.  If I can ever say go to only one retreat - make it Sharla's.  Here is the link to her page  It was a phenomenal experience and I learned so much.  Now I just need to process it.  I will continue to create my Zentangle Inspired Art, but I know there will be so many botanical twists to it and I can't wait to really start creating.  In the meantime, I needed some down time and went to my mac 'n cheese - a zendala.  This is actually done with The Bright Owl template No. 72.  The blues are shades of prismacolor, and the yellow is chalk pastel pencil.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Inktober 29-30

No. 29.  Aquafleur is a thorn in my side.  I am not usually happy with my attempts.  This time I am.  I tackled it a different way, and ran a band of Hibred across it.  The mooka strands give it a spooky look, and then I teamed it up with a frame and ripped screen background.  I love mixing types of patterns - organic, straight lines, blossoms.

 No. 30 is a feather prompt.  I think this is the first time I have done this type of feather.  It was interesting to put it together.  The Trigue pattern finished it off.  But it cried for some color, and agin the frame.

Inktober 26-28

No. 26 prompt was for a "floralish" tile.  I used Panzee by Melissa Sansom and Fleavy with Leef-a-vin.  The linework on this ended up being very dramatic.  The pop of blue worked, thanks to the inspiration of Melissa.

On No. 27, I was following a prompt to use circles.  I decided to use this opportunity to create an assymetrical zendala.  This is something I find somewhat difficult to do.  Most of my zendalas are geometric in nature and very symmetrical and  balanced.  But I like the otucome.  Patterns used are mooka, twisted rope, holliaugh and Kwazeela.

No. 28 - I was doing some white ink work with my dip pen.  I used a new Pen White ink on green cardstock.  The white ink had such a brightness to it - love the ink.  The pattern I followed here was Dancing Trees by Aleena Light.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dip pen collaboration

CZT Debbie Thingvold and I had an art date today at the local coffee house.  She just purchased a wonderful glass pen (mine will be here Monday - she is such an enabler).  So we were playing with a couple of types of ink.  The lighter blue is a strong metallic and the darker blue is more of an iridescent.  So I took the tile and started, and then Debbie took the tile and did some more work, and back and forth.  It was fun watching how the inks worked with the glass pen.